Malmö Konsthall Exhibition of Outsider Art/Art Brut 8th June – 25th August 1991. Accompanying catalogue included contributions by:

Birgitta Trotzig – The source: the child within us.

Michel Thévoz – L’Art Brut collection in Lausanne.

Roger Cardinal – Distinctive Visions.

Thomas Kjellgren – Reality is the raw material of imagination.

Roger Cardinal – Madge Gill.

Thomas Kjellgren Adolf Wölfli – A World Describer. 

Jaqueline Porret-Forel – Aloïse, L’Art Brut and Culture. 

Roger Cardinal  – Scottie Wilson. 

Michel Thévoz  – Neuve Invention. 

Mel Gooding – Victor Musgrave and the Särlingsarkivet. 

Massimo Mensi  – La Tinaia. 

John M. MacGregor – Altered States – Alternate Worlds. 

Johann Feilacher  – Artists from Gugging.

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