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Madge Gill (1882-1961) stands as an enigmatic figure in the world of art, revered as one of the most highly regarded self-taught artists of her time. Her artistic journey is as remarkable as it is mysterious, deeply intertwined with the spiritual realm. Gill’s mediumistic art, created under the guidance of her spirit guide Myrninerest, transcends conventional boundaries, offering viewers a glimpse into the ethereal and the unseen.

My Special Guest is Vivienne Roberts who is the founder of and the curator & archivist at The College of Psychic Studies in London, where she cares for their large collection of spirit inspired art, photographs and artefacts from 1850 to the present day. This unusual archive, along with the College’s specialist esoteric library, has offered Vivienne the opportunity to immerse herself in a wealth of primary material and has been instrumental in helping her curate a series of large exhibitions, including: Encounters with the Spirit World (2016), Art & Spirit: Visions of Wonder (2019), Strange Things Among Us (2021) and Creative Spirits (2022). Vivienne’s art specialism is the history of mediumistic art with particular attention to its women practitioners like Madge Gill. She has also established the websites, and has published numerous articles and exhibition catalogue contributions. Vivienne is a member of the Visionary Women Research Group and the British Art Network.

Madge Gill

Born in 1882, Madge Gill’s early life was marked by tragedy, losing her mother shortly after birth and being raised in an orphanage. Despite the challenges she faced, Gill’s innate creativity found expression through art, which she pursued fervently throughout her life. It wasn’t until later in adulthood that Gill’s mediumistic abilities began to manifest, leading her to channel her artistic endeavours through the influence of Myrninerest.

Working under Myrninerest’s control, Gill’s art took on a mystical quality, characterised by intricate patterns, symbolic imagery, and a sense of otherworldly beauty. Her pieces often feature intricate line work, bold contrasts, and a mesmerising depth that captivates viewers and invites contemplation.

Throughout her life, Gill remained dedicated to her art, creating a vast body of work that continues to inspire and intrigue audiences worldwide.

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