British Outsider Art
24th March – 14th August 2008
Halle Saint Pierre, Paris

This, the first major exploration of British Outsider Art, offers an opportunity to examine the wealth of art that exists on the margins of the mainstream. The exhibition aims to present a broad range of drawing, painting and sculpture from British artists and collections representing the unique creations of spirited individuals who follow a singular creative path, exploring inner realms and capable of conveying a powerful message, but seeking neither recognition nor reward. Here in the Halle Saint Pierre, artists from British collections are brought out of the shadows and placed in the spotlight to be observed and considered along with the legions of celebrated international Art Brut creators whose works have previously graced this established venue.

Much of the work presented here is by individuals who have experienced mental illness. Historical archives house fascinating works by psychiatric patients, dating back to the beginning of the nineteenth century. But this is only part of the story. Also represented in the exhibition are artists whose output is the direct result of spiritualist experience or divine inspiration. Others simply stand firmly outside the mainstream in their creativity and often work for many years undiscovered. Some are more culturally aware but, true to their personal vision, remain uninfluenced by their contact with the work of others. These artists do not follow trends and often use improvised techniques rather than traditional methods of creation. 

Curated by Julia Elmore  

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