We are interested to hear about any other mediumistic artists and their artworks from 1850 to the present day so we can study this fascinating genre in more detail.

For example, artists such as

Georgiana HoughtonAnna Howitt Watts, William Howitt, Elizabeth Wilkinson, Iris Canti, Henry Rippon, Agatha Wojciechowsky, David Duguid, Helen Butler Wells, Laure Pigeon, Ethel Le Rossignol, Leon Petitjean, Luisa Giovannini, Augustin Lesage, Jospeh Crepin, Raphael LonneJeanne Tripier, Fernand Desmoulins, Heinrich NussleinVictorien Sardou and Narciso Bressanello

Spirit drawing by Anna Howitt Watts Circa 1857

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