Nick Blinko · biography

Nick Blinko draws intensely dense and detailed compositions of faces, figures and obsessive patterns. Diagnosed as suffering from Schizoaffective disorder, and in the past hospitalized, Blinko creates his pictures when not taking therapeutic medication that adversely affects his ability to work. His art conjures a nightmarish, anxiety-ridden world where inner demons might be exorcised through repetitive graphic marks. Out of thousands of tiny flecks and dashes emerge elaborate visions of skeletons, mysterious symbols and religious figures. Reminiscent of the macabre images of Goya or James Ensor, Blinko creates a personal iconography that evokes the magic and menace of a rich imagination. Blinko had his first solo museum show at the Pallant House Gallery in Chichester 2011 and regularly exhibits in the UK and abroad.